Monday, June 23, 2014

Geneva wknd

So i left the beautiful house and our children in South of France and took an early flight to Paris-Geneva. It was one of the worst ever with delays, changing airport all of the sudden, traffic jam to Paris city etc etc, to the point where I didn't had anything to eat until I landed in Geneva in the afternoon. I was a MONSTER. My planned;"enjoying a croissant or two in Paris" was a stress, running, trying to find other flight possibilities to be able to arrive in time for Fridays first fiesta. Just a entrée for the weekends all fun things! My poor man had to take care of that side of me ( food for hours and emotionally drained, 2, Leon had had a stomach bug the last two days and night...) when he fetched me at the airport.
This is what I wore for the first night, a pouff, pouff skirt that I will tell you all about in a separate post.
The morning after he made my favourite SOF egg and we had a romantic an very cute breakfast just the two of us at the terrace.
The whole Saturday day we went to different romantic places with the car, walked around, talked and just filled the relationship quote as much as we could with all possible ingredients that is so much aside with two small children needing all attention and time. It was a splendid day, so calm and peaceful and Geneva really gave us its best. Thank you my BIG love in life. I love being with you.


  1. Wow inga dåliga vyer och inga dåliga väskor du fått i present heller. Lucky you!! Skönt med en helg utan barn ibland och bara få rå om varandra. Valentino toppen är SÅ fin!! Ha en fortsatt bra vecka. //Laila

  2. Love all pictures. What a lucky girl you are! Hugs B.

  3. Topp 3 finaste foton av dig någonsin! Älskar din klädsel så mycket, du strålar. Väska, skor och naturen, så fint till. Oh vilken hemsk resa, tur att ni fick det bra till slut. Vilket paradis ni njuter av i erat sommarhus, skönt för barnen att tillbringa sommaren där. Hoppas dem båda kryat på sig. Kram

  4. Åh vad underbart mysigt! Det är så viktigt att få den där tiden att ta hand om varandra. kram kram

  5. Snyggaste benen!