Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Geneva daywear

A casual but pretty daywear look, hanging with my handsome man. Simplicity is sometimes the best but with fun and original details. These heels are perfect size to enhance the length though they are as comfy as ballets. Swear!

Talk soon! Preparing the house for my dear mother and Lissie, plus our nanny and Alexis is stomach sick. Couldn't be easier right? Breath ...

When I have more time, I have like 51 pictures to show! Hasta la vista!

(dress: Warehouse, shoes: Fendi, bag: Dior & shades: Louis Vuitton)


  1. I am lost beatilil Stina!
    Are you again in South of France?
    You are gorgeous into this dress

  2. Hope everyone is better soon, seems sickness is hitting one after the other.

    Love the comfy heels. All heels should feel like ballet flats.

  3. Alltså jag måste bara säga wow, du ser så otroligt stark och frisk ut. Vilken kropp du skaffat dig, bra jobbat Stina! Clothes as always stylish!

  4. Tips till dig Stina och dina läsare :)

    SOMMARREA på fina bandageklänningar- HÄR: www.woweffect.se

    Ett prisvärt alternativ om man älskar Herve Ledger klänningarna. Du kanske föredrar orginalet, men många av dina läsare har säkert inte råd med det.. The WOW effect har samma material men är betydligt billigare :)

  5. You are so thin that even a lien to the ankles does not cut your legs... Fantastic how your body has changed bravo Stina