Sunday, September 22, 2013

All I need

Seriously, if I could pick a combination for dressing that I would live in every day this autumn, it would be this fusion that I wore yesterday evening on our way to my parents' for dinner!
It's so simple yet different, stylish, edgy and fun. Exactly how dressing should be according to me. I love the baby cashmere sweater in black, such a great investment with its light feeling and shorter length which ends perfectly at the hips. A blue pair of skinny jeans, the now "famous" knee boots and one of autumns coolest coats (this one is also a great favourite!) with some colourful patterned bag which gives the whole look a more interesting angle.
With last night's three hours of sleep (thank you little Leon for that), I had to wear my shades just to hide my tired face!

UPDATE: Finally I've had some proper time to answer most of your comments! Thanks for your patience!

(coat: Malene Birger, baby cashmere sweater: Davida here, jeans: Zara, boots: 3.1 Phillip Lim, shades: Prada & bag: Fendi) 


  1. Über chic!!!! Wish I had just 1/10 of your wardrobe, Stina :)

  2. You look great! Not a look for me (the boots, that is) - but on you it looks very natural! Good luck with all the changes in your life, look forward to following you!


  3. Same like Johanne!!!But slowly, very slowly, i make improvements, you would laugh seeing my "fashionable outfits"!
    This colour is so chic and versatile.
    Thank you for commenting all of our comments!

  4. Hi Stina,

    I've only recently discovered your blog and I love it. I'm an Australian living in Dubai but also love travel and fashion and eating! Being in Dubai they have blocked a lot of the ways that I can comment so I apologise for the "anonymous" post. It is the only one I could get to work. I think I have a girl crush and want to be just like you! I love Malene Birger. Got onto her from Faux Fushsia's blog which I think is where I found the link for you as well! Really appreciate that you can blog so often with two little ones. Gosh I was lucky to get dressed in the morning when my second one was born.


  5. So rock and roll, I love this look Stina, and great Fendi bag.

  6. Is it the rose coat shown before? I do not recognize the coulour?
    You are very thin I think you lost all weight taken withr little Leon.
    Very stylish as usual dear Stina. I definitely love these boots wore like this.
    Big hugs

    1. Uta, it's the gorgeous By Malene Birger-coat from the post a few days ago. Only worn without the belt. Isn't it amazing? :)

  7. Thank you besutiful to have taken of your precious time to answer to almost each comment.
    It's very kind of you and very much appreciated.
    Big hugs

  8. I just have to comment here again, twice in the same post... Not only do you provide us with posts filled with surprises, making our thoughts puzzle around. Making time in between changing diapers, feeding, playing with two sons. And on TOP of that, you blow us away and replies to almost all (worthwhile at least) comments with interesting thought, appreciating words and generous-hearted "thank you's". It shows that you appreciate your readers as much as we appreciate you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life of pink coats, sexy heels and beautiful nature, although a small part of it - a day wouldn't be the same without!

  9. Oh Stina,

    not only that you are a stylish and beautiful woman (to me, that would be enough reason to follow your blog hehee ;)) but you are also such a lovely and polite person! Thank you for answering all the comments! Most bloggers don't even read them...

    So: THANK YOU :) Your blog is the perfect mix of fashion/beauty, lifestyle and HEART - and has become my favorite!

    Rebecca S.

    p.s.: On saturday, my outfit was very similar to yours. But with Jimmy Choo knee boots and Louis Vuitton Bag :)

  10. Hi Stina,

    Even though you must be quite busy (an understatement), you still take the time to keep us updated
    on what is going on in your life. I love the boots and they are quite appropriate for your
    family life, as it is. :)

    Probably someone has mentioned this already, but they remind me of
    the boots the three French musketeers wear in the movies. You are the family with four musketeers,
    plus your extended family, with your parents, sisters and etc. Lots of people supporting one another...

    Have a great Monday.

  11. Gud viken härlig outfit! Såå snyggt. HOppas allt är bra med dig och familjen. Kram Linda

  12. Johanne: you are very pertinent and also very pretty,
    Sorry Stina to use your so fantastic blog for this compliment to one of your faithfull reader,
    But at the end since so many years, we almost know each others through you....