Sunday, July 5, 2015

South of France - dinner wear

A thin and feminine top, some dark blue flare pants, golden earrings and sandals - pretty much as comfy as can be when attending a dinner in 35°!

top: Calvin Klein, pants: Lindex, sandals: Hermés & earrings: Sophie by Sophie)

South of France - FAMILY

So what a blessing to gather so many of my beloved ones in the house. My dear cousin (who is one of the most amazing people I know) and his wonderful, fun and warm fiancé with my parents and M's parents. Long wine lunches around the pool, wine tastings, dinners out in restaurants, chatting, playing with the kids, talking walks and having time to just nurture each other with love.

South of France - Tunic

How stunning isn't this colourful tunic from Lindex that I got just before leaving? I match it with a black bikini, one of my collections. I just love pool wear as you might have figured by now!


On my way to the market, feeling free as bird and still can't get enough of those warm winds that litterally feels like a mothers hug in my heart. This is truly my happy place.

Are you by the way interested in me selling some baskets this year? Let me know, I'm here such a long time and need to have something to do between pool bathing, dinners and friends arriving and going!

Viva South of France!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

So we arrived to our wonderful life in South of France in the beginning of the week and brought my parents and my cousin and his fiancé right from the start. We've had such a lovely time and my computer is full with photos, just needed to be shown. I haven't even touched any technicalities the last days but tonight I hope I will find time for a longed for picture cavalcade of life, love and bambinos! See you soon!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Stroll with mini me yesterday after a delighted lunch at Diplomat.
Many of you have commented that little Leon is a copy of my father (and me actually when I was small) and my love Alexis looks like my mother in law a little. It's absolutely correctomundo! I think so too!

(by the way, on the picture I wear no lipstick, it's my finished lip tattoo that you see looks so perfect in pink/beige colour, can highly recommend it. I went to Jenny Hanzon at Akademikliniken for you who wants to do it also!)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

In the meantime

After a full rainy and autumn-ish cold week, it was a blessing to have the summer sun back again, just ready for us to leave for a longer time and welcoming our friends into our house to stay during the time.

I really cant wait to leave Sweden!

(This picture is by the way taken with our new Panasonic Lumix LV100 camera. I have a new system camera (the body) on its way also, a real tough one that I've dreamt about a long time, but this smaller one is suppose to be excellent and sometimes it's easier to bring a small camera then my enormous one.)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Flash Back

My man is finally coming back to Stockholm again tomorrow before we 
let my friends move into our house in Sweden and enjoy the house-feelings in Stockholm during summer and we immediately fly into our house in South of France. 

Since there's so much to packing and fix before leaving for a longer time, I've been lacking in posts. 
But maybe you want a LONG and beautiful flash back in moments and pictures from 2012? 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Coral red

A white crispy shirt (it was perfectly ironed but then I carried Leon), simple pants, some comfortable heels and a gorgeous bag. A combo I wear more often then seldom!

Have a beautiful day, this week is count down from horrible weather to my happy place on earth!

Sunday, June 21, 2015


These two, I mean these two. They might look like two angels, but I'll give them to you for three hours and If you survive, I'll salute you. I don't know if mine are worse then other brothers with the same small age difference, but mine are just completely CRAZY filled with energy. Phuuuuu ... I'm sure my parents love to have them there with us, but tonight when we're back home,  they will sleep like two rocks.
I hope my Dear parents in law are ready for these two wild boys for a month in our house in South of France. It will be quite something now when they both are so active and curious of life.

You readers with girls might be offended, please don't I'm sure you'll have a harder teenager period then me, but honestly ... sometimes I wonder how we stay sane. 24/7 of constant tricks, climbing, running, jumping, testing, it's like motion captured in two small bodies that just needs to explode 100 times per day. Everyone I meet or introduce this reality to (that are not use to small boys) just loose their breath and wonder how I cope.
All I can say is, only mothers and father in the same situation understands. Only them.

I love them to death and have gotten use to this life of never ever sitting still and relaxing, but even so, I sometimes just stand int he middle of it all and ask myself if this can be possible? Sometimes I just want to lock them into two different rooms and forget the key for an hour or two and catch my breath. But I guess I would miss them too much and let them out after ten minutes. That's how deeply I just need them around also. Love is weird for sure.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

City chic

As a continuing on this great morning it's a pleasure to inform you that it was perfectly followed by a lovely lunch with a handsome friend in the city (where we were almost blown away though by the storm that arrived this afternoon unfortunately) and got a nice little gift for myself in coral red.
I picked up the kids on my way home and then the whole family went for an easy BBQ at some friends house on the other side of town. Really, a perfect day. I'm all warm inside! ♥♥♥♥


My boys always wakes me up at 6am and it can really feel hopeless if you've had a dinner the night before or just stayed up late and want to sleep in. But mostly it's so great actually. You manage to do so much more with the day then if you snooze to 10am. By this time, 10.06 when I write this post I still haven't showered or put any makeup on, which for me feels so liberating.
I've had a soft and slow morning with the boys (I'm off today), took them to kindergarden and had a power walk after. I replanted some flowers in the garden and removed some weed and other things and really felt what a privilege it is to own a house even if it sometimes feels overwhelming with what needs to constantly be done and how expensive it actually is when you think about it. Three times as much as an apartment for sure with insurances, heating, water, garbage, etc etc. In the end though, I love the freedom so much. The feeling that this all, the flowers, the trees, belongs to us and the fact that the boys are constantly out playing and breathing fresh air.

After my walk I just sat down on our smallest terrace, outside the master bedroom which i've done for me and my man mainly and had a smoothie and just felt the wind breathing by and adored our apple tree behind. It felt so lovely. And it's only morning still! That's the best part!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Stina's Vintage Store

Dear readers, one of my beloved friends, another fashionista is selling off some of her shoes. They are too small for me, else I would get most of them myself. Small feet persons, take a look and indulge in really amazing prices for designers!

Hurry up though so I can ship them away before the end of June when I'm leaving for vacation!

As always it's first comes first!

Kevin Murphy

Got my man and me some products from the well known Kevin Murphy some weeks back. Their volume collection I've heard so much good from and I'm very happy with the results. I use the plumper after washing, when my hair is still wet.
My man had different styling products and some nice hair shampoo I hope he'll appreciate also!

Have you tried the brand?


We attended a vintage car and private airplane show last weekend. I love those old, shiny and perfect looking cars and all airplane owners showing off their freedom in the air. My man and my oldest was in heaven! We went with the wife and the guy my man flies with here in Sweden, her husband is just as crazy about all of this, meaning he is also and excellent source of information of all technicalities around it. A very intensive but fun day in the sun!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Coral blue

Wearing something old, something new in this poppy coral blue shade.
Enjoying a bit of refreshment before leaving for a small, private airplane and vintage car show with friends and kids yesterday.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Silver sparkling

Another wonderful evening yesterday. I had to split myself in two this night and started it with a super fun bunch of women who I've come do like so dearly and was later on picked up by my man who took us to the next crowd of people.
I wore silver from top to toe and it was one of this mind-blowing, Swedish summer nights. Warm, lively, beautiful and a lot of fun.