Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cashmere discount

Since I really appriciate all of you Dear readers and I know you all love cashmere for the same obvious reasons as I - check out Davida for the softest shawls, pants, baby blankets, children clothes and sweater for you or your partner. I wore all of their ponchos (my favourite here) when I was pregnant. They made me feel comfortable, warm but yet so chic.

With the code: stina you'll get a direct discount of 15 percent on your whole purchase. They ship world wide. Don't we just love it? 

On the picture, I'm wearing this big and airy cashmere shawl in light blue and match it with a light blue cable knitted sweater.
My mother is wearing another favourite that I have as well (both in black and grey), baby cashmere sweater which is lighter, thinner and just melts on your body.

Enjoy it!


Another Wednesday, another list from here.

Post a newly taken picture of you - This one is from Gran Hotel La Florida, three days ago, enjoying the view, the food and the complexion from the lushy hills around Barcelona.

What was the best part with the wknd? - To see how much my little sister grew and developed from her education, the clear goals in her life and this move to BCN. Second best, to be able to have long, fascinating conversations with her and my mother which I haven't been able to during the last year, or since I got two children.

What did you last eat - After my Pilates today at this place, I meet up my man and had a heavy smoothie and a muffin at Blueberry in NK. I've had some sweets after that since my new found, very sweet friend a couple of blocks from our house and her daughter invited us to participate in the cute easter tradition which is; walk around the neighbourhood and give a little paintings from the kids and be given sweets in return. All dressed as small witches or chickens.

Which four countries have the best food? - I love Asian food (Thai and Chinese), but of course the French or let's say South of France food with a lot of earth picked vegetables, herbs, fresh meat and olive oil. I'm also fond of the italian food and classic Swedish "husmanskost". I normally love and have a very intense relationship with cuisine (at the moment I almost lost my appetite because it's not one single calm moment in my life), so peruvian have to be added. Lissie took us to one of the best restaurants in town and I had one of the best three course menus ever there.

Which countries food to you think less of? - I'm not fond of Spanish to be honest. Tapas, Pinche, Paella is a no go in my world.

Best city for food? - Marrakech was a superb surprise, I also liked Sydney and Miami. Barbados was also a really cool place to botanise in awesome restaurants with well renames around the big top chefs.

What will you eat for dinner tonight? - Well, I just got a very nice wine, so maybe a medium warm potato salad with dill/vinegar/olive-oil/agave dressing, topped with fresh celery, spring onion, carrots, sugar snaps and a nice piece of meat to it.

If you could chose one desert for the rest of your life? - I'm not the biggest fan of deserts, I rather lay in front of a film with some nice chocolate or sweets and just relax. But a nicely prepared Gino would always work. It's fresh, sweet and have white chocolate, fruits and coconut.

What do you miss at this precise moment? - Two things. A working help for our house and my sister.(it's so chaotic and crazy to be home with both children and have a big house).

Favourite toast? - Not super fond of toast, but if i would make one warm myself in a toast maker I would make it like my parents did when I was small. Bread, butter, mustard, ketchup, cheese, ham and a slice of pineapple.

What sort of music did you listen to latest? - Some random tracks from all of our Hotel Costes.

Best restaurant experience latest? - In Zürich: Bindella or Coco's, in Stockholm: Operakällaren and in Barcelona: No doubts the same answer as my sister since we experienced it together. This small, fusion of peruvan/chinese cousine. It was a pure, gastronomic paradise both in the knowledge of the passionate owner of this exciting fusion and the way it was presented. We also had the absolute best cocktails ever, a strong, completely full with flavours - Pisco Sour.

(bag: Chloé from, cashmere sweater: Alexander McQueen & shades: Prada)


Some places in your life will remain magical forever. This city is for sure one of those. I feel like Barcelona has such a laid back, easy going but yet fun and eccentric atmosphere. Everyone is seeking some form of pleasure wether it's in food, environment, cultural or in other people. For many reasons, it's not at all a fashion city like Paris, Milano, London, New York, Rome, but with the sun so close to the heart and the water next to it - who could even start focusing on that? I truly think it's the natures surrounding who made it much more mañana, a place to just be and let yourself be free.
Even so, Barcelona is offering a wide span of marvellous hotels, bars and restaurant and I always take great pleasure in exploring my favourites over and over and trying out some new ones while being here.

Ohh, I just can't wait to go back and get butterflies in my belly when I realise I will do so in less then two weeks.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Palmtrees and a new yellow coat. Can't get much better.

Hotel Casa Fuster

Four years ago, Barcelona was my secret playground. The place I went to feel free, wild and to indulge everything life have to offer as often as I could.
This time I went with my mother to visit my little sister and we eat at, what I would say is some of the best restaurants in town. I had memories flushing by my eyes at most places. The craziness of life in a quick speeded lifestyle, so far from where I am in life right now.

It became more clear then ever, why I decided so passionately to document my life with all of these pictures. To never forget. To capture life's all exciting changes.

(Hotel Casa Fuster)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Barcelona - Stay tuned

I'm back home and as usual, we've have had a wonderful, life lifting and just the best of times. Picture cavalcade is to be expected the upcoming days.

Be ready for the warmth of family, colours, lovely outfits, pleasure of life, sun, food and love.

Talk soon!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Dear readers, I wanted to find time tonight to answer all questions that i haven't been able to for a week or so. But here I am, with the worst migraine and still haven't packed.
So, see you after the weekend and hopefully I'll be back happy, strong, positive and with a beautiful picture cavalcade of Barcelona, outfits and just life. I will answer them when I return. Talk then!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


My sister has started a addictive tradition, every week she post a Wednesday List of random questions on her blog, which is just so much fun. We're all big fans of lists and questions (right?) so I though of doing a copy past on that one directly every Wednesday and publish the same one here with my answers to her questions. Her last list is not that funny for me, since most of the answers would be the same, but i'll copy the one before.
Here we go.

How are you? Well Thank you for asking, but had better days. So many problems that needs solutions and I'm already lacking energy as it is.

What are you doing at this moment? Well, trying to find another lady to come and live with us (which answers the problems above). I'm also planning what to pack for the upcoming and ever so exciting trip to mi hermana.

What have you been doing this week? I have started Pilates again after a week of sickness but nevertheless taking care of my children and family as usual. It's a full time job for sure. Not a very exciting week. Actually this everyday life back in Stockholm and a house in a residential suburb... I find it sometimes hard.

What did you eat for dinner Monday evening? A very nice peruano meat dish with cinnamon, raisins, garlic as flavours and a couscous combo with avocado pieces. A clear favourite!

What did you last buy? Well you can see them on the picture above. A wonderful and chic coat/cardigan from Sand from and this perfect and just so nice bag from See by Chloé from the same place. They just got delivered to my door. The fanciness of internet! I also bought baby milk for Leon earlier today and colouring products for my eyebrows.

Which is your biggest physical addiction? In this order: 1. Alexis and Leon, 2. My man, 3. Coffee in the morning, 4. Passionate kisses, 5. Beautiful, aesthetic perfection around me, 6. Travels, 7. Memories, 8. Food, 9. To sometimes get tipsy and let go, 10. Chocolate and salt liquorice.

What will you do this weekend? If anyone possibly have missed out - taking my mother and flying to my little sister in Barcelona. In other words: enjoying life to the fullest.

What makes you happy? In fear to sound cliche and repeating; my family, my children, to achieve things and to feel like life is offering you adventures which I can learn and grow from. To feel good and positive inside and out and live a life where it feels like you have an important purpose and where you are as free as possible from mechanistically patterns where you just live without questioning and developing the purposes of it. I understand that we all have obligations, but I would love to have them as vivid as possible to be able to live MY way of life instead of societies way of telling us how to live and do things

If you could move wherever you wanted, except where you live right now, where would you move? Well, let's forget that we need jobs, that the children needs good pre school and all of that sometimes frustrating truth - then I would move to somewhere in Italy or maybe US (both not the best when it comes to education unfortunately). I need the climate to be mild and sunny, the surrounding to be absolutely beautiful and the advantage of interesting travels around the corner. I would be the happiest! Sweden is absolutely not my cup of tea, I had to come back to realise it again.

Favorite pastry? Something with butter and lemon.

Mention something you are proud of accomplishing in life? Actually a lot of things. But mostly I'm proud of my spontaneous, daring, social, easy going, analytic personality who got me trough all the incidents which I'm now very proud over.

What kind of goals and dreams do you have for the future? Moving away from Sweden again when the time is right. Finding somewhere to call home for a longer time then a couple of years that offers a better climate and a better everyday life quality (Sweden has a lot to offer, but it also lacks my sort of passion, happiness and I'm already bored). I would like to start designing what I've been planning for quite some time now. Some of my strongest goals are obviously to make sure my boys grow up to be strong, smart, humble, (mother loving) entrepreneurs with great minds and hearts who has the true values in life.
Else, I just want to have a fun everyday life where Stina is getting some time again and where the family is traveling, loving, laughing and fulfilling our visions whatever they may be.

What do you appreciate in other people? I can't stand too complicated or boring creatures and need a fun spirit, with life experience who are social, spontaneous, generous, kind and loving. If they like to organise a nice dinner and have a somewhat different personality with dynamic and inspiring sides - then I'm hooked. I like passionate humans, people who wants something with their life and also who are eager to make life something memorable!

Mention a memorie from your childhood? Well, one of the greatest one is probably the day my parents came and told me that I would get little sister or a brother! I had longed for one during ten years and then, finally she came, little Lissie. I was so incredibly happy. Another fun memory is our dance performances in the big windows of NK here in Stockholm. Me in "cykelbyxor", belly top and ballerina shoes, 12 years old doing the coolest moves in this world (i thought at the time ..). A sight for a sore eye.


If it's easy - then it's probably NOT Pilates.
But if it give amazing results - then it probably is.

I have to tell you, that when I started to realise the magic of Pilates and decided to make it a part of my life, I did some research and read that it was hard, complicated in the start and that you needed to have patience with your own body before it starts understanding the small but oh so important and crucial details from what's wrong to what's right. Yet, it looked so easy on pictures, the same on videos and I thought to myself "I mean, how hard can it be?" I also read on my personal trainers Instagram account (@amelieadolfsson) the sentence above (If it's easy, then it's probably NOT Pilates) but my bold personality even there didn't understand the greatness of it.

Now I've taken a couple of personal training sessions and yesterday I participated in my first group class with a technique from the Pilates guru Garuda. And boy is it hard in the beginning!

The good thing though, is that I can already feel and see the results slowly taking shape on my body - which is so amazing and thrilling!
I am grateful that I decided to book a couple of personal traning sessions in the beginning since I was a pure rockie. Those private lessons now make the group sessions more understandable and Pilates is so much about small things, an understanding of the body and how to play with the small differences in muscles, that I would probably have been a little lost without them.
So anyway, yesterday I took my first Garuda Pilates class at Stockholm Pilates Center. Another woman and me were the only one new to the class, the rest had been doing it for a longer time. I loved it even though I had some difficulties getting it all right in the beginning.
Did a feel like a Hippopotamus on ice? Absolutely! Was it hard? Oh yes. Did I feel like I was totally lost? Mmmm, most of the times. But I'm sure that in two month times or perhaps and hopefully less, I will understand it much more, learn how to coordinate my arms, muscles and legs together and have that natural flow that most of the participants had. I looked at all the other women (mostly in my age and older) with gracious movements and wonderful bodies and I got so inspired. That's my goal!

So, this is my short journey so far. I'm absolutely happy/proud that I started and decied to take control over my physics again and really work on getting my body in a life long, feminine shape. I can't wait to be able to lift my leg behind my bump in this super elegant and strong way or be able to fully control all of the other acrobatic postures that makes Pilates so faschinating.

Talk soon! Just got a wonderful delivery which I will now indulge myself in and start planning the packing for the upcoming Barcelona trip.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Count down

It might not look that thrilling, hanging from a hanger like this. But this little nude coloured thing is blowing the proportions of a female body. I'm talking open back, loose fit at the top and then ultra tight on the bottom which is sort of held together with a zipper ... Might be one of the dresses for this weekends BCN get-away. I heard it's really warm over there, any BCN citizens/readers to approve?

(dress: here)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Country side air

What a nightmare week. Both me and Leon were sick and just when I started to get better and saw the light in my tunnel - I got the worst migraine attac on Friday morning. Still to this minute I'm not free from the pain.
But my man came back home to Stockholm and took me, without the kids, out for a nice country side lunch in one of our favourite castles. He assured me some fresh air would do me good and even though I was quite negative in my whole spirit (hate the cold Swedish weather etc etc), it was so nice to have some alone time with him.

(cashmere coat: MaxMara, cashmere shawl: Davida, here, wedges: Isabel Marant & bag Hermès)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My favourite

Obviously I'm obsessed. She might be my little sister, but take my advice. Read it.


When Sexy gets Sexier.

Always nice to stroll down memory lane ... 

(our friends car, but no one drives it like my man)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Status II

I might have been slightly naiv when i wrote that I was feeling better - I'm not. Worse actually. Bad sleeping (my boys alternates to wake me up) and no rest is not making it all better. And for all of you asking about Lady A: Well, maybe she did not come with all the experience I had wished for, so a lot of training is necessary before I can leave her with both children and just relax. Plus, Alexis is in a very complicated face and is a handful to deal with. Let's just say that he haven't accepted her at all yet ...

Talk soon.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The kids were both a bit stomach sick last week and I always get a hint of whatever they have (i have to blame myself for always kissing them anyhow).
This week, when my man left us started great ... not. Both children are so so, I had fever yesterday and just would like to have a Entourage marathon in bed instead of taking care of others. (Lady A is free Sundays and Mondays).
So when I had to take Alexis to pre-school yesterday with my pale face, head ache and tired eyes and then also go grocery shopping with both of them, I wore this perfect sweater with the loveliest of cashmere shawls out there. A perfect disguise for a naked face with no makeup and no motivation whatsoever.

But today I feel better! Thank you for that.

(sweater: here, cashmere shawl: here)

*obviously suppose to be Status, but that's how tired I am, can hardly write correctly.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Et voilà!

(if you don't understand, click here)

Don't forget

Don't forget!

The discount code from Kotyr ends today at midnight! Read more here!


So we had our first five hours to our self this Saturday, M and me and of course took the advantage of drinking wine at midday and eat a two course french lunch at one of our little hideaway Bistros. Hopefully a nice start of a well needed tradition.
But now he's gone again for some time and when he is back, it's not too long until I'm taking my mother, jumping on an airplane for and adventure South! How we long!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

stina's vintage store

Some of the things that will be up in this evenings sale at Stina's Vintage Store
Brands like Burberry, Prada, Equipment, byMalene Birger, Ash etc

Be prepared, like always, it's first comes first served!