Thursday, December 18, 2014

In the meantime

Life spins in the speed of light at the moment and while i'm trying to do my best for all my wonderful patients and their improvements of the face, I also have my children to take care of and give my whole spirit to the minute I'm entering the house. As soon as they are in bed I have work, emails, my "project" and other necessary things that needs to progress. Not to speak about the planning of Christmas eve. So the blog is a little bit left in the shade, I'm aware of that. I will get back to all your comments, but have to focus on the most important things here and now. Stay tuned, soon back to normal!

Monday, December 15, 2014

STOKKE One, two, three ...

I just can't believe how fast my oldest grow. It feels like it was yesterday we gave him the adorable toddler bed from STOKKE (see the transformation here) and we let go of the baby crib. And just a couple of days back, we realised he touched the end of the toddler bed with his toes. That meant we had to order the extended junior part with the junior madrases! So now my oldest has a junior bed, JUNOIR!? Crazy how times flies. I still remember when he was sleeping most of his hours in this super smart solution for all new borns.

One thing is for sure, the room gets harder and harder to keep tidy!

AND! Please check this great competition out - you can win 20.000SEK or 2500EURO of money to get STOKKE products for! Read all about it here and participate!


Every year during the colder season, it's the same problem and it's so tiring. I'm always cold. Seriously ... always. My man think it's one of my more annoying sides and we often fight about temperatures, especially in our house. I like to have it 23.5° and he is brought up with 20° as standard. Call it Swedish versus Swiss cultural differences, nevertheless It's complicated.
I know I can go dressed in Moon boots and complete ski suit, but that will never happen so let's be reasonable. Of course, parts of it is because I'm skinny but it has actually always been like this.

I found this Prada duvet jacket that I bought last autumn or the autumn before that, can't remember and it's nice, but still, it feels like I'm walking the streets naked and I have four layers under including wool. It's my own fault since I don't even wear a shawl, i'm not writing this text to get tips on how to dress warmer, just to complain a little and point out that it's hard to dress the way I want and yet be accordingly warm at the same time.
Anyhow, we spent Sunday with my parents and had a cosy dinner in the evening with them. At Christmas we'll have 17 people at our house (!!!) so it's time to start baking and preparing in the evening to get all the things in order before father Christmas knocks at our door!

Enjoy this magical period of the year!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


The boys and me, hot chocolate with whipped cream and playing around in front of a sparkling fire. Leon who is growing and becoming prettier and prettier, just like his amazing older brother. Some days are cosier then others.

Country side

Yesterday, warm Bally boots and matching croco bag from Lempi. More pictures from Saturdays country excursion soon!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


So the whole Friday was spend trying to survive another migraine day at work, with the knowledge that we had a longed for surprise party for my dear, dear friend Corinne, who turned 40 years old. Corinne is well known all around Sweden and abroad for her entrepreneurship, her participation in Top model, her skilled and massive work as a hair stylist and the owner and founder of the famous Corinne & Friends. And yes, she is one of my beautiful, inspirational girlfriends who I am privileged enough to have in my life.

I had planned to wear the red dress which the another bomb shell of mine, Rebecca Simonsson was so kind to give to me for just this occasion. With her amazing curvy body she had just worn it and on Thursday evening the naked red dress felt absolutely perfect for the surprise occasion, but on Friday, trying to be more alive then dead, I took it on but felt too naked. Also I was already half frozen and the minimal amount of fabric didn't really help. So I chose the jumpsuit instead that I wore on the Fashion party Lindex hosted some month back with a blue Versace fur, Chanel bag and high Louboutins. Such a hazzle being a woman in -one degrees and rain.

But! We truly had an amazing night with all the girls and ended it at the club Fou!

Friday, December 12, 2014


This morning we celebrated the magical Lucia (where a young woman walks down the dark street with candles in her hair) in kindergarden. I had a terrible migraine night again, up one and a half hour in pain, gosh do I hate migraine.
The boys were both dressed as Santas little helpers (tomtenissar) and had their little hat on and everything but they were pulled of quite quickly and when we tried to take the perfect little Christmas family picture, Alexis refused to attend of course. Anyhow, I love this time of year and all the darkness and the atmospheric candles just makes it so powerful.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas in LONDON

London must be one of the greatest cities around. If I would be younger and if London wouldn't be so hectic work wise, I could totally see us living a year or two there, just to get to know it on a everyday basis and indulge in everything this vibrant city has to offer.
It was such a sweet gesture of my man to surprise me here. Unfortunately I got a really bad migraine attack on Saturday from morning to afternoon so we had to stay inside the hotel room most of the day. But we ate us through the city with tables at the favorite Asia De Cuba, Momo, Chotto Matte in Soho to mention a few. M had coordinated it so that we also had time to meet one of my best friends who lives in London and he was all into the surprise and I was so happy to have both Andreas and my man dining with me.

We hardly did any shopping, since my pain and my spirit was so so, but we enjoyed our time together and took it really slow. Thank you again my Love! But the best gift you've ever given me, is the children. The feeling of coming home to them, my boys, everything in life that has a real meaning ... it's priceless. I love them so it hurts. 


Glöm inte att vi har 25 procent rabatt denna vecka i adventserbjudande på alla kombinationsbehandlingar av Botox+Filler!!! Det är supergeneröst och perfekt innan jul och nyår då man vill vara som finast!

 Gå till för att boka någon av de sista tiderna som finns eller ring vår trevliga receptionist på 08-410 718 30 . Jag arbetar även några av mellandagarna.

See you there!

London in white

Morning rain in London, but who cares when the sun decides to show up just an hour later.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Just got back from a completely surprise trip to London. Thursday, my man told me to pack a weekend bag with two evening outfits, and yes, I had no idea where we're going but we ended up in a lovely and just perfect London.

More pictures soon!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winter dressed

So just ready for December, the temperature dropped and it really starting to be perfectly christmasy, crispy and cold. My man will finally be home tonight and this month have been crazy with all of his trips. Very tiring actually. But he will be home with a new car, more family friendly this time since the last one was completely destroyed in the car crash. Thank you dear mum for lending us your car ever since! We are so humble for your generosity!
Since it's dark at 2.45pm here in Scandinavia it means those lovely outfit and style post are harder to catch, so today I'm using this phone pic to show you guys what I wore yesterday on my way back from work.

(fur coat, leather pants: Missoni, knitted sweater: IRO, boots: Don&Donna & snake bag: Balenciaga).

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gift ideas

This Christmas I will give you small tips along the cosy time to Christmas eve on what to put under the Christmas tree! I love this bottle of silk perfume for the hair from Balmain for 399SEK! I mean, who doesn't want to have this bottle visible in their bathroom with its super deluxe parisian feeling? Read more about it here.

The same shop also have an advents calendar this year with really good offers! Go to "follow us" under their home page and you'll get daily offers until Christmas. That's where I got my Melanie Auld earrings from by the way ...

stina's vintage store

Dear Readers, 

Sorry for the lack of updates but my man has been gone so much this month it's crazy, which means lack of outfit posts since someone needs to hold the camera. Also work and just family life take a lot of time and i'm working on a small project I'll soon release here which i'm very eager about. 

Anyhow, i've lowered the price on some of the few things left in Stina's Vintage Store. They are now marked with red. Hurry to do a really nice bargain as a Christmas gift for yourself!

Talk soon!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Light Detox

This weekend was quite special, not only for the obvious reason of the beloved Christmas, but also because I got a delivery to my home of 12 fresh juices from Juica (i choosed the version Mjukstart) with the intention of starting a juice-detox. The goal was to completely live on these six juices/day for two days, but I know how sensitive I am to lack of energy (food) and also had a very strong migraine attack two days before so I was planning to do a light version of it, meaning eating very healthy small lunches and dinner but nothing between that ( I normally eat three real meals and three-five smaller snacks per day).
The detox went perfectly fine but gosh was I tired, a little but grumpy and honestly, I fell asleep three times per day. But today, Monday I feel so refreshed and my skin is really glowing. I'm still tired and EXTREMELY hungry but I do find it very important to cleanse the body from time to time, especially for me who takes migraine medicine often and will probably to this regular a day here and there. I ate normal food also, but as I said, only vegetables, grained couscous, only one coffee in the morning (i know it's forbidden but I had to chose between that or taking some medicament for my headache) and ate a banana also and drank herb tea in between. The juices tasted special but nice and I am so happy I did it. Thank you M for supporting me as much as possible!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

First Advent

This magical weekend, all we've been doing is decorating the house full with red christmasy colours. Before I had children, I always decorated my home during this time with white and silver, but children needs to have the real thing and the real thing is RED. So it looks so cosy and the warm and beautiful candles are placed exactly everywhere. The children loves it and I die when I see the sparkle in their eyes!

Hope you had a happy first advent where ever you are!

Friday, November 28, 2014


Two evenings ago Akademikliniken hosted an informative event to show what we can do in a face, both with medical injections such as fillers and Botox, but also with advanced skin treatments.

I'm thinking of throwing a event like this for my blog readers out there. For everyone interested in what we can do in a face, we can have an educational evening with patient cases, going through the whole face and talk about all sorts of improvements possible and also have a talented skin therapist to talk about the skin and how to get it as perfect as possible with things that really work and give results. It would be personal so that everyone has time to ask questions etc.

Would that be interesting?

The pretty lady (32years old) on the picture who I'm about to treat has a rather flat mid face which she's bothered about. I created very beautiful cheek bones on her which she's been wanting for many years and that little improvement just made all difference. The eyes are more visible, her lips looks better and the balance in her face is remarkable improved.

Tak soon!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MADRID outing

So these are the pictures I shoot from Madrid. We had like two hours in the city, the rest was spent in education, inspirational and informative lunches or dinners. My long time followers might be aware of my crush for Barcelona (look under the label Barcelona to the left), and Madrid is just as lovely, yet different. More sophisticated, more like Milano if you compare Barcelona with Rome.

The absolutely wonderful lounge/bar/restaurant I need to remember myself and recommend is TenConTen, absolutely perfect, high end, dynamic, fun, vibrating and just so much fun. The ambiance and atmosphere was everything I love in place. The day after we also went to the night club/restaurant/bar Ramses which has ladies dancing and people were in good spirit. The crowd was a little bit young perhaps (or I'm too old) but it was fun also.
The most impressing dinner we had at the Palacio Cibeles top notch restaurant where we dressed up (me in a Balenciaga skirt, Lanvin bolero and H&M top) and first enjoyed a cocktail in the roof terrace looking over the warm temperature city, after we had a six course dinner in this amazing and mind-blowing building of architecture. Highly recommend for a dressing up dinner or just to be blown away of the aesthetically perfection.

The beautiful croco bag is from the one and only Madrid bag Lempi, of course I had to get a bag from Madrid in Madrid!