Friday, May 22, 2015

Just saying ...


These Jimmy Choo glasses and this new coat - ♥

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another one

Apologise for the lack of updates recently but my mood and energy has been tormented by a lot of migraine in a bad combination of some sort of "weather depression". I'm so sensitive to what's outside my window in the morning, I must have been born in another (warmer, sunnier) continent in my former life. I really get into some sort of blues when it's just cold, grey and rainy.
If that wasn't enough for my poor soul I'm also very impacted my PMS, (pree-menstrual symptoms) and most of you women out there probably know what I'm talking about. Suddenly life feels like in incognito, black and nothing is fun and everything is just doll and has no meaning. When the period is over you feel reborn again and life is easier, lighter and you understand that yet again, it was this hormonal devil ruining your senses.

Anyhow, to celebrate the first sunshine yesterday I ordered this lovely coat express from my favourite Scandinavian online store and it arrived today. It may sound superficial but a coat can really cheer me up in a gloomy everyday life. I just can't wait to use it with my light blue Chanel bag.

(coat: from HERE)

Monday, May 18, 2015


Park fun, hot dog, fooling around, kisses, playing, ice cream  ... 
My blue eyes and brown/green eye blondes. I love being with these two.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

On the go

Me and my boys. 

Saturday fun in the city. Ended it with a horrible migraine attack in the late evening.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

stina's vintage store


MORE new things up in Stina's Vintage Store.

Like always it's first comes first served so be fast! 
Brands like Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, 
Samsoe&Samsoe, Christian Louboutin, MiuMiu & Prada.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Another cold cloud has decided to destroy all sunlight and warmth here up north and it was with mixed feelings I had to wear a cashmere sweater again under this gorgeous morning robe(ish) coat from Rodebjer (to be found here) in the humidity to go out and buy medicament to my youngest and me who both seems to have been giving each other too many french kisses in the end and caught the same mild cold.

Can you tell that I flipped the coat this time and for the occasion wore it with the white side out?

Berlin - @ Nacht

The best Berlin guide one can find and also the sweetest, my Dear half German friend C. There was not much time to anything else then work related matters, but a few hours here and there and of course, dinners and wine in the evenings. ♡

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


So a random mix from the very intense weekend. Like with everywhere except Stockholm and Switzerland, I'm always amazed how cheep everything is. It must be so wonderful to live, really live in a city where going out to eat at a nice restaurant and dine is not a minimum 120Euro per person, where a long ride of taxi in the evening is 15Euro and a wonderful glass of nice wine is 3.3Euro. I mean, I feel sad for the tourists coming to Stockholm, they most wonder what on earth is our problem and I can only agree.

Although there was no time for shopping, the possibilities seemed perfect and we went by many cool stores with amazing things. All high end brands has fine stores and really fun restaurants and clubs.
Else the city is so different, one can really feel the alternative living and the very easy going/strong personality mentality on a lot of people. They say it's poor city in the sense that the salaries are low which probably makes the "cheap" reality less for the people living and working there but even so it had a very togetherness feeling as an atmosphere. The houses and apartments are full of graffiti, something that would immediately be cleaned away in most modern cities I guess, but here they seemed to be allowed and just add another level of roughness and liberated dirtiness in a weird mix of everything else.
When we arrived the summer stood by the door and it looked so bushy and pretty.

I know the under ground world after midnight is crazy and we actually went to a members club on Saturday night I found out through one guy at The Soho House, where you are driven to an area most people would be scared being dropped at, something that looked like a alley for drugs and throwing trash. But behind a door which looked even worse then you could ever imagine, hidden (and completely impossible to find out and understand that anything of sophistication was behind) was this amazing high end club where they said all celebrities and famous people hang. My girlfriend almost refused to get out of the taxi, but clubbing in BC I know that some of the really thrilling places are just hiding behind something that would never make sense. Anyhow it was fun and always gives vibrate memories for life but being up at 7am for the whole purpose of the trip, one of a lifetime Medical Anatomy course, only allowed and held in Berlin and that lasted almost the whole day, we only had energy for midnight and left before all the most crazy of fun began.

I can't wait to get back here when the boys are older so we can teach them everything about what happened during the world wars and also when the wall came and later fell. It's an incredible amount of history one need to be very familiar with, especially since the wall existed until 1989, which seems just around the corner.
Another fun thing is the museums and exhibitions this city normally hosts, the same New York shows often arrives here and I would have loved to visit the Mario Testino show - but work and dinners was prioritised on this trip.

Thank you Berlin! Was a pleasure feeling your vibes for a wknd!

Monday, May 11, 2015


While impatiently waiting for pictures from Berlin (and while now, at 10.25pm I sit down at my computer the first time for a quick stop) I give you this happy face photo of us, after this very demanding Medical Anatomy course from early morning on Saturday to late afternoon.
We deserved some nice white Riesling and this is how happy you become after.

Salut and talk soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Next stop - BERLIN

Berlin cavalcade is coming up, but first - deepest kiss to my beautiful man who is turning one year older with me today. Can't be more grateful to have meet a man who doesn't sit when I say so but in the same way would run around the world three times if that would be what it takes to be with me. A man who still drives me crazy in passion and who I want to grow old with. A man who I fight with like a cat fights a dog, but in the end protects me like a wild animal.
I love you with all my soul, heart and mind. No one has ever had my attention since you decided to have me with all of your determination.

(me in Berlin this weekend with these lovely flare silk pants in ecological material from Dreams through a lens, shoot by Mary McCartney for Kappahl)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wednesday List

So many fun and interesting questions! Love when we have to go deeper into ourselves and really find our our belifes and thougts about life and things going on. 

If you happen to have some alone time at home, just by yourself, (kids at sleep, husband maybe out with friends), what's the first thing you'll do? 
- If everything of real importance is done, I'll either eat a big bowl of cereals and nuts in front of a documentary or movie, or if it's that sort of craving, some chocolate. Just being in front of a movie is extremely liberating and I really indulge myself to the film or what's being shown. My man often wants to talk while watching but i'm too into what the film is about, that I get annoyed. 

How would you dress up a simple white business shirt? 
- I would not dress it up, the beauty of a white business shirt in my world is the simplicity of it. A nice pair of trousers, maybe some cool loafers with an edge, sleeves rolled up, a unpretentious knot in the back of the hair, two buttons up ... Doesn't need more then that. PErhaps a small, thin chain in gold or sliver with a small, small pendant. 

What is your number one drink by the pool and a treat you think you really shouldn't have so often, but it tastes so good?
- In South of France - Gin'n tonic for sure which this year will be Vodka'n Tonic. My man loves a strong Pastis around the pool. If abroad I would never say no to a perfect Bloody Mary, a Cuba Libre or something else refreshing. Sometimes even a nice beer!
A treat by the pool with these sort of beverages is Sour'n cream chips. I'm such an addict, or salted peanuts or any kind of nuts actually.

Do you have any mantra?
- Everything you send out to the universe/other humans, you'll have ten times more back of. Negative as positive. You are what you think and send out. Cruel people meet a cruel world, forgiving and kind will have a kind and forgiving atmosphere round themselves. It's so simple.

I would love to see a monthly 1. Book 2. Film 3. Quote 4. Travel destination, with your views on why you recommend these.
  • Book - Yoga Girl now (read it before I understood how famous she was), 
  • Film - As the HUGE film lover I'm for interesting films of value, I would love everyone to see: Hotel Rawanda, Blood Diamond, The Last King of Scotland to mention the few I just saw again as a interest of the harsh times in Africa. 
  • Change can never be taken away, only move to an either positive ar less positive direction.
  • Travel destination - Now? I would love to zip a cocktail in New York with my man!

Do you guys plan to celebrate your wedding in Southern France some summer???
- No, we will for sure not get married in our house in South of France. It's gorgeous but I don't want to have more nice memories from there except the ones that come automaticlly, I want a fresh, new, passionate and extraordinary beautiful environment for the day when my man and me will through a huge love party and say yes to each other.

What do you think about Carrie Bradshaw's style? Too extravagant...?
- I think her style was fantastic in the late 90's early 2000 and I was a big fan and my mother always called me Carrie, both for my way of being (air in my element which means it's always a lot going on and u can't not notice me being around) and for my huge turquose tull tull skirts with pink Alaia boots and weird combinations. 

How do you deal with the messiness that motherhood brings, as opposed to the perfect lifestyle that we women tend to be looking for?
- I just try to breath. And try to really, deeply understand that this will be one of the absolute best times of my life when I sit older, reflecting over my it all. It may be chaotic, it may be a lack of a lot of things but one thing it's so much full of; MEANING and LOVE. Pure, raw, natural, passionate love. I indulge in that when I do feel I am slowely going insane. 
I've stopped striving for perfection a long time back. When you have it you get bored anyhow. The un perfect things gives another sort of dynamic dimension I think is much more fascinating in the end.

What do you think about Spanish fashion ( Zara, Massimo Dutti, Uterque, Bimba y Lola, Mango)?
- I love them all, Zara and Mango is amazing for shoes. The overall quality of blouses etc, not so fond of but if I don't buy 600Euro shoes, my second alternative is often Mango or Zara. 

Do you have already made plans for yours and Ms wedding?
- Colours, setup, my dress, what we want with the evening, yes. Location, not completely decided yet.

Care to share your favourite make up products and other daily cosmetics you use to stay bautiful through out the long and busy day?
- Medical skin products from Akademikliniken (read about which ones HERE), Maybeline Mascara, before I tatooed my eyebrows I used Chanel's eyebrow pen, Dior's lip pen and Tom Ford lipstick. Always Essies nail polish. 

What do you like and can't stand in people around you?
- Copy cats, narrow minds, people who are so weak they don't dare to say things directly to your face, unfaithfulness (both around my partner and my friends), weakness and the sense that they have stagnated in their life and don't develop themselves. That for me is very frustrating. Therefor I chose to have a few very close friends and close the door for them who hurt me or do something else idiotic.

Favorite color, favorite animal, favorite book, favorite film? Coffee or tea? Salt or sugar? Black or white? Mountains or sea?
  • Colour - light blue i really like. Chrome is another favorite.
  • Favorite animal - dogs, they are great comfort, fun, smart and you can really interact with them as a human if you train them well.
  • Favorite film: Autumn legends. Deeply in love with Brad Pitt in that movie, but M already know that so i'm secure. He actually reminds me about M, maybe that's why. Both are impossible, yet so god damn beautiful and sexy.
  • Coffe or tea - Coffe!
  • Salt or Suger - Salt(liqurice).
  • Black or white? - Black
  • Mountains or Sea? - Now that's a tricky one for someone like me who lived in the mountains paradise, Switzerland. Both Geneva and Zürich has them and they stand for greatness, heritage and beauty whereas I'm brought up in the Swedish archipelago three month per year and sea overall stands for something I have a great respect towards, but also liberating, freedom and the greatness of living. But in the end, water wins. 
What advantages brings family life with kids etc. for you?
- The best advantage is that you have to grow as a human and you will put yourself second most important which in the long run creates more humble and intellectual humans. We find out answers about our existing which one can not even touch if you don't raise a child and follow it throughout it's own development. In that sense you question everything about yourself which is of extrem importance and you also find out why you are who you are and have to work with frustration and impatience. I do find  to have even more respect towards my own parents and understand why they did things they did and also have more compassion that everyone is really just doing their best (hopefully). I know my parents really did and I love them for it.
Another thing you learn is that your child is not a miniversion of you, nor will it ever be our should become. I'ts a true own being, something you should encourige and push for as a parent. Even if it's the total opposite of what you want for (him/her) or expect. A child is not about you, it's about giving everything you possible can to give them the best ground and heart to take along in their own life. 
We are just observers as parents with a cause to always be there as support and unconditional love. In a way it's very selfish but what goes around comes around. That natures biological system has decided it this way. 

What were you like as a teenager?
- Wouldn't it be more interesting if we ask my parents or my mother. Answer coming soon. From my MOTHER: Being around Stina was always very cosy, she was very determent and goal oriented as a teenager and from a early stage wanted to earn her own money and did so with great matureness. She wanted to be able to do whatever she wanted and gave herself that freedom. She was really a hard worker. 
Stina was always very open to me and shared everything, even her inner thoughts and harder periods. She was slightly a shopaholic and sometimes a bit messy but extremely structured as soon as she put her mind to something.

My words: As a child I remembered my teachers always complained that I had "ants in my pants" and before the age of 12 years old, I really didn't understand why I needed to go to school every day and actually didn't enjoy it that much. In high school though I became a very good student and continued that way until I was 19 years old and went out with very high grades in all subjects except mathematic which was a big enemy. I loved it, but it didn't make sense to me. During this time, being perfect and finding my road of life was all I wanted and I was feeling very, very blue during longer period until I was about 24 years old. Many deep periods where I tried to understand life, myself, who I was, what my reason was here on earth and I started to practice Kabbalah as a guidance which I did until 32 years old. I still do it, but not so much as I should and would. 
From the age of 24-26 years old a completely new era open in me and from that time everything has been about an amazing and very positive journey for my own my development as a human and even so, it has been taken into tests many times when sorrow, divorce, moving to another country, meeting a man form another country and culture, work, etc etc has occurred along the way like with any humans life. 
But today I am mostly sincerely happy and also very proud of myself. And again, love myself. I think that's the only ingredient to a balanced life. If you don't love yourself you will always have destructiveness, pain and a constant need for others to love you, to fill that empty hole you have inside. When you love yourself and are proud for just trying to become something you want in soul mind/life - you won't take crap and shit, you stand up for yourself and want to treat other persons better. You will really be your own best friend throughout this adventurous possibility it is to live.
I feel very blessed in many ways and with that said, happiness can only be really true when shared, so my man, my boys and my family and friends are beautiful creatures to share it with. You see what you want to see around you. Chose to see the mening and beauty of it all. It will literally change your life to the better.

What do you wish you knew when you were 20, looking back at that age with the e perform e you have with you now. What advice would you give a 20 years old Stina?
- That looks is important, but if you make it judge who you are, you will forever be lost in a world of superficialness and constantly care for other peoples acknowledgement which will drive you insane and create a unhealthy life. I actually think a huge benefit was that I wasn't that pretty growing up, I think I was a late bloomer, it made me develop other sides which has given me benefits in my life. Like creating a personality which was only based of interests, trying different sides of me, being funny, smart, intellectual etc etc.

If you'd be given a power to make any change in the world, what would that be and why?
- Of course I would like to take away everything injustice and make sure no human never needed to starve or feel unsafe in the environment they're in. It's not something I can solve nor anyone else, but as soon the boys are older I will work not only with charity ( it has gone from really helping to big, luxurious galas and just a show off) but go maybe a few weeks per year down to the countries where I can be as help with my medical expertise. 
I don't look at the news since a few years back because I can't take in the world today. It drowns me in harsh reality. 

Would you mind sharing your spiritual values (or is it too personal)? I mean, do you believe in the hereafter, rebirth or something else? What do you see as the meaning of our time on earth?
- I have a strong need for spirituality in my life and one can try to determent a name for it but it besiclly sums up to my inner knowledge of the soul/mind/actions and heart influenced a lot by the technical studies form Kabbalah and the Law of universe. 
I know what a good human is according to me, I know I'm that sort of person who always strive to be better and do better. I know i am FAR from perfect and that I still carry sides of my personality which doesn't make sense and that I really don't like.
In the same way I protect my self sincerly becasue I truly love myself, it hasen't always been this fact but for a long time now I really do. In a way, that's my religion. That I've gone through so many crises inside of me (mainly when I was younger) and fought them throuh slowely but surely without substitute or getting into any sort of bad addiction in forms of alcohol, drugs etc. 
Living is not easy and being young is a hard and difficult road to learn how life is, what makes sense for you, what is good or bad in your surrounding and finding out on the way. Learning, do better, make misstakes, be humble towrads them and be forgiving to the people you/I might hurt on the way or try to understand the people who hurt me badly. It's crucial. That they (people who hurt you), also have a past and they are a product of who they are, their reality, upbringing, environment, their parents, if they recieved pure love and acceptance when they were younger ... 

Will you be able to take a long enough break from work to go to the south of France? 
- Of course1 One month at least we will be staying there. Can't wait. It's my happy place on earth. I feel like i am one with nature there and truly live a meaningful life.

What language do Alexis and Leon speak between themselves?
- Leon doesn't speak yet, only a few words, but Alexis speaks mainly Swedish with word of French and English. He has been slower over all with the languages, who wouldn't when learning three times as many words as a normal child? It has sometimes been very frustrating to him.

What's your advise for young women and the new exiting chapter opening up in their lives? 
- You have the possibility to create whatever life you want, if you are ready to work hard and follow your inner voice or heart. Never settle for a life you don't feel accomplishing you physically or mentally. 
We have one life as we now, live it. And travel, fall in love, make love, kiss, study, be social and spontaneous and the day you have children and a man, always be loyal or split up and give your children your time and presence. Always quantity over quality. They need you around as much as possible, that gives secure and lovable creatures and you will be there to guide them constantly. 

Will you not put up tings in Stina's Vintage Store soon?
- I will, as soon as possible! Stay tuned!

What would today's Stina tell her 30 years old self after all the experiences she made throug the years?
- The harder and blue times of life will be the most important life experiences. I owe everything of gratitude to my bad moments and really tough periods of life. The taught me so much about others and myself. Most of the time, there's a mening to all things happening. You just need to realize them. 

I would like to inject fat under my hollowness under my eyes, what do you think about that sort of treatment?
- You need to inject 50 procent more then the actual result after a year which will make you look quite particular for some time, try fillers before it, it so much easier and actually looks better in the end. Read about it at (Tear Trough)

Which sort of shoes have you been wearing mostly this week?
- Open toe ones. Summer is knocking in my body. I indulge it!

What do you eat fro breakfast?
- A piece of bread (now gluten free), two scrambled eggs and a big tea cup of coffee with milk.

What do you think about pension savings and how do you finance your expensive buys?
- That I need to pay it more attention for sure! I finance them by working and saving for something really, really expensive. I truly think my very crazy buys through. 

Which is your dream destination and which is the best one so far?
- I would love to go to Mexico, Panama (my sister will be moving there soon), Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Portofino, Colombia, Maldives, Bali ... South America is the only continent which i've only been to little and I would love to explore it more. Really think it would suit my constant need for adventures, food, passion and architecture and colors.

Tell us about a fun childhood memory!
- Stay tuned.

Which day of the weeks is your favorite? 
- I love Fridays because I grow up with the weekends being extremely cosy and really my parents made such an effort for us kids. They were so lovely and paid great awareness to the food, choice of film, candle light in the evenings, snacks, chips and candy, sometimes I rather spend time with my parents then my friends. 
Now we have lovely food, wine, some wonderful Rum, light the fire if it's appropriate, use the terrace to late hours, play and kiss the kids and every day of the weekend we leave the house for something fun.

Are you completely Swedish?
- Yes. But most people around me says I'm very little as a typical Swedish person.

Is your man working in Sweden? If not, will you eventuelly move away from here again?
- He is not working in Sweden but has his own company in Geneva. I hope he will eventually find a good job here but I think he is too big for Stockholm. I don't know. I think we will stay here for some years, then move away again. Don't know. But Sweden is lovely and perfect for kids, but honestly, I want more out of my life.

Don't you ever wear sneakers during day?
- No never. Sneakers in my world is for power walks. I do use a lot of ballets and loafers though.

Would you like to have a third child?
- Absolutely. Maybe even four. But in reality I am not sure we will do it but a third child would be a complete blessing. I want a big family but then some things needs to change. For example, my man can't be way this much and I can't have this type of career and visions I do have.
Also my body hate being pregnant, it's ten moth of sickness, SPD, pain, extreme tiredness, blood loss etc for my case so I need to have a lot of help to make it.

Do your drive to work every day?
- No never, I take the bus and subway. Too much traffic in the mornings for the car.

Which are your summer plans?
- SOF, then ww'll see!

The Restylane Vital (Skin Boost), does it give visible Volume or just moist to the skin? 
- Both depending on how you put it and to what amounts. I have 4ml Restylane Vital in my face. Read more about it at

Can you show us your collection of bags?
- No, not the full one, don't see a point with that. 

I would love to know what skincare products you used while you were pregnant with your gorgeous boys. I am 20 weeks pregnant now and find my skin extremely dry and looking rather dull after a long northern european winter. I want to make sure I am using products that are kind for the baby but also would work well for me. 
- I would recommend Repair cream from Skincare, it's amazing for a pregnant woman and dry skin. 

How do you save money to your children? What is your best advice in this topic? 
We save a little amount every month for the boys, not too much but they will have that sum of money when they turn 18 years old or move to their own apartment. I want them to work hard and not just have a spoiled life. Of course we will help them with things like studies, apartments etc if necessary but they need to work the hard way. My parents bought me and Lissie each an apartment which was a blessing, but the rest we had to make for ourselves. They were always there if it was a crise of course but i do believe in letting your own children not have too much money and create their own life and afford the standards they make for themselves. 

Which item that you bought is the most valuable and your best investment? 
- My Birkins and Hermés bags. 

What advice would you give to young women when it comes to choosing men?
- When you are young, you should just indulge in the possibility to understand and enjoy men. When you have found out what you like in men, and who you become around them, you can start finding out if your are ready to settle down for a relationship. The hard things is being yourself and understand that a relationship is a never ending story about compromising and realize that you can never strive for perfection. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

I wondered if you think about starting and growing your own business? I am impressed with your skin care products and techniques. They are very effective. Does this business have international possibilities? 
- The business has a huge international possibility and If I would move abroad, of course!

Do you consider to move to another country in the future? Where would you like to move?
- Absolutely! But don't know where. Maybe to some lovely place in France? The houses in Geneva are crazy, insanely expensive and you get a small horrendous house for crazy amounts. Not so tempting.

What are your short term and long term goals, professionally and personally?
- Long times goals, be happy, balance, take away more and more technicalities and try to fulfill mine and my families dreams. Short term goals - private ones. 

Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy reading these answers as much as I enjoyed answering them!

See you soon, leaving for Berlin early tomorrow morning!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Dear readers, 

Hit me with some questions for tomorrows upcoming Wednesday List
Rude or too personal questions will obviously not be published.

Looking forward to some original and fun ones!

See you then!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Rosé

Sunday on the terrace enjoying every second of promises and sunlight. 
Rosé from our kind mr: Bodvar himself and his beautiful wife.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Another Wednesday, another random list with question I've stolen from here and there.

How would you describe yourself with four words?
- Warm, easy, no patience, determent.

What's the best advice you have ever received?
- Everything you send out to the universe, you'll have ten times more off back. Good or bad.

What makes you happy?
- Read the same answer one year ago HERE, it haven't changed much.

Do you have any beauty secrets you'd like to share?
- Medical skin products is EVERYTHING and I swear by Restylane Vital, Botox and sleep (read about the products and treatments HERE). To do daily exercise for like 20 minutes is another miracle on my mind, body and soul. Less of that at the moment for me, but working on that balance.

What kills your soul and happiness?
- Head ache. When there's too much work and too little family time, when I have too little time to just be me, at home, doing small things in my own speed. When I feel used or taken advantage off, when M and me fight or the kids are in complicated phases and all I do is nag and parenting and when I end up in front of my computer or phone too much. The less modern technicalities, the better I feel actually.

Favourite items in your closet?
- At the time, everything that is gorgeous in itself so that I don't need to make such an effort with my own face/hair etc.

How do you balance your life?
- Sometimes I manage to do it really well, the last two weeks, not so much. I spend 1.5h in the morning with the kids, go to work at 8am and work really hard from 9am-3pm, come home around 4-4.30pm, throw myself into comfy black leggings and sit on the floor with the kids or play in the garden very present (and wildly loving and messy) until dinner at 6pm (for the kids sake, so that we eat with them) and then it's bath for both and then Leon is going to sleep at 7pm with me and after it's Alexis time cuddling with me in front of a film until 8pm when M's is putting him to bed if he is here, else me.
If I'm lucky, I will have some "me time" from 9.30-11pm but often I'm so tired that I end up doing nothing except important things that need to get done.
The weekends are therefor so important and even with two small children, we try to make the most of it family wise.
Balance is hard. My goal is to do more Pilates, power walks etc but when? When? Even with help at home there's no time or maybe it's just me who devotes myself too much to the children but they grow up so fast and I want to be there as much as possible. It feels so important, my life mission.

Who is your biggest role model?
I don't really have one whom I think have it all, but I do have women and men who really is amazing around me and I take pieces of them and just see it as opportunities for myself to do better and be inspired.
My mother taught me everything I believe in when it comes to how to be a good mother and wife, how to give a child that gift to love oneself and believe in who you are. My father taught me to be independent and a strong woman and never be afraid of anything. My man inspire me everyday, nothing is impossible in his mind and he literally moves mountains when he wants something achieved. My little sister inspires me to be honest and true to who we are, she inspire me to travel and explore. My best girlfriends all are beautiful women who all are different and I share my life intimate with them and we help each other with whatever problem we have, mostly through daily phone calls.

Parents who have loving, well behaved, happy, satisfied, ambitious and balanced children - couples who are still in love an respect one another - that, I see as life models which I always feel a huge dose of humbleness towards. I know how hard it is, how much effort it needs. People like that are my role models.

How would you describe the city you live in?
- Beautiful, cloned, lonely with a strive for perfection. It's more on the outside then on the inside. We want to have it and it might look like we do, but in the end the city is small and scared. Prestige is so important here, but honestly I don't see much real happiness. I think it's typical in modern European cites overall actually. Maybe we would be more easy going if it was more sun and warmer since Stockholm really blooms during spring and summer.

What restaurant would you recommend to a freind from out of town?
- I love a asian fusion but maybe Teatergrillen for a fun night and it's always somewhat crazy ambiance.

Where do you shop?
- As soon as I am abroad. Else, a lot in front of my computer. Since we have Mango in Täby Centrum (indoor very good mall, close to where I live), that brand and Warehouse is my favourite street brand with Zara of course. Else the best online stores filled with fashion is my favourite shopping place. But honestly I buy most things when I travel.

Have you started the Gluten free diet?
- Yes, I have! Two days ago. Went and bought pasta, bread, müsli, bran flakes, etc etc with quorn instead of gluten. In the evening I craved chocolate but was able to resist it!

What do you spend a lot of money on every month?
- Apart from the expensive cost to run a big house - food!

What's happening tomorrow?
- My man is finally coming back home from Switzerland and I'm having a sleep-over at a friends place, very cosy and relaxing indeed! The day after I will devote myself to him I've promised, he he ...

Coffe or Tea? - Coffe with lots of milk
Evening out or film at home? - Five years back? Evening out. Today - film at home!
Salt or sweet? - Salt liquorice is one of my addictions!

Have a great Thursday evening!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fifth time I order something from Shoprajic and my favourite designer (here) when it comes to original, feminine jewellery with an edge. I have plenty of her stunning earrings but immediately fell in love with this pearl/glass horn with small stones on it. Beautiful.

Monday, April 27, 2015


So between a huge medical exam this weekend (will tell you more about this in the next post), educations, advanced medical aesthetic around the table discussion dinners with some few chosen from Europe and Scandinavia, presentations etc etc I had a few hours on Sunday to hang with what is most important of all. These three, my favourite people. We have this gorgeous place a few minutes from us with a car, where you can buy ice cream and play in a fun outdoor thing for the children or just take a Sunday stroll along the water if you want. The sun was warming and the feelings were just so happy, I really needed that break between all seriously this weekend mostly spend with work related things.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday excursion

Beautiful Sunday in easy and slow rhythm. We went to see some flowers and pots for the upcoming terrace making, did small things in our garden, decided which style I wanted on the outside pillows this year ... you know, small decisions that makes a nice atmosphere in the end.
Tonight I have an education and dinner with a well know doctor from Spain with some people in a "around the table, advance discussion"group. Will be exciting even though I'm still very tired!

(coat: Balenciaga, sweater: Alexander McQueen, heels: Christian Louboutin, pants: Gina Tricot, scarf: Hermès, shades: Tom Ford  & bag: Louis Vuitton)


Stress, work, migraine, pressure - extremely happy to have this Sunday arriving. Still have hard headache but a Gluten free life change is taking place this week for me to once and for all try to take control over my often, daily pain.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Tired, Tired, Tired

So if possible this Friday took the best out of me with loads of (lovely and mostly welcomed) patients, but even so, family life is continuing directly after work and that can be often so tiring yet wonderful at the same confusing time. The whole weekend is busy with a lot of work which I will celebrate nicely and naughty when being over. Wish me luck and give me courage and energy!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Great welcoming

I'm very tired, somewhat stressed because of all very important things coming up with work soon and also other things that needs my focus and attention. We all have to-do lists and I will be very happy within two weeks when most necessary things are over (for a while). I feel exhausted and a little irritated when life/time/hours/energy/motherhood/relationship etc etc don't get the attention I want it to have. I guess it's the puzzle of life but sometimes it's just a little bit too much.

These beautiful boys, yes, my very casual man included, greated me today when I arrived back from work. So cute and wonderful I could eat them all then and there. My smallest may look so innocent and  easy, but gosh he is in some phase where his tantrums (when he don't get things his way) are worse then a hurricane! Hope it will pass soon.