Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gathering the family

// FOR MY MUM //

Yesterday after Pilates and French lesions for Alexis, we surprised my mother by gathering all family and having a lovely lunch all together. I had hardly time to combine any clothes, but in a hurry I got dressed like this with the Isabel Marant blazer and the new Chanel bag matching each other.

Saturday, May 28, 2016


// SPORTY //

Yes, we all need to exercise but gosh it's hard to find time (and energy). The ones who have small children and do train a lot, plus work, obviously takes even more time away from their children, something I'm not willing to do.
I do Pilates every Saturday when I can and I would love to do it one more time per week considering the amazing results I had on my body two years ago when I did.

To find enjoyment to move I need nice looking clothes, surprised? Probably not. It motivates me and encourage me to move that body. This morning I was out in this cool set from Stella McCartney's sport line with my oldest and we had a running competition back and forth for an 30 min and then me and the boys where dancing like crazy for another 20min inside. I sweat like a pig, it was hard time exercise for sure. If I wasn't so tired in the evening and needed relaxation for my migraine not to be overwhelming, I could to some things with the machines we have at home, but that never happens.

Small things here and there is what keeps me slightly in shape in this period of life.  Have a cosy Saturday evening!



There's just so many reasons I gave these two bags to myself in mothers gift or whatever to call it. My man being away sooo much as one of them, everyday life, crazy stressful morning, working with two children is, let's say, difficult. I admire all single moms so incredible much.
The other reason being that summer and everyday life is so much more wonderful with beautiful companions, don't you think? I ended up falling in love with both, them being so different to each other and serving different purposes.
The Chanel tote is for working life, market life and traveling while the small is for evenings and ice cream money situations with my smaller ones. I'm so happy with them and can't wait for the summer weather to be back so I can enjoy them to the fullest!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


// FAMILY //

After all of this festive times, nothing beats hanging with the family on a lazy Sunday, even if Leon was VERY grumpy most of the time, he is going through some hard phase of development, little love of mine ...

Monday, May 23, 2016


// CASUAL //

So yes, we're all in LOVE with this Stella McCartney blazer, let's agree to that shall we?
 I loved wearing it to jeans and just a cashmere sweater, bringing Alexis to his French classes and after having lunch with him and my parents in town. Alexis went to one of my favorite stores and was all in French speaking mood going around saying "Celle - là? about different clothes he wondered if I liked and I said "Qui mon cherie" or "No mon ceur".
After I started saying the same back to him, showing shirts and pants saying back, "Alexis, Celle- Là", and mostly he said "No, no, no Maman" until I came to a red, long lace dress, actually stunning and he smiled and said "Qui Maman, Magnifique!".  I mean, me and everyone died the death of cuteness.

He is so charming Alexis, super social, tons of joy and happiness and never a dull or calm moment with him around. So grateful for his amazing spirit.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dress code

It's not everyday you'll have two fun things in the same week, but after Chanel we also had the opening of this grandiose hotel Haymarket that opened, an ultra glamorous hotel breathing the 1920's in decor and interior. Absolutely stunning, highly recommend it. They invited some guests to participate in a very spoiled evening full of Champagne and food, music and people.
I went with my best friend Andreas and Johanna (picture later) and we meet up slightly before to get ready together and have fun basically. It's was a perfect evening in many ways and I choose this more dressed yet feminine costume, also from Stella McCartney with Acne silver pumps and a Fendi bag. On top i wore a mohair black bolero by Lanvin.

Talk soon!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Chanel cocktail evening


I've been wanting this Stella McCartney blazer for a while and it's the perfect suit paired with black trousers like this, but goes just as well to blue jeans and a white t-shirt. When I got my Chanel invitation, I knew I did not want to wear Chanel, that would be to obvious but rather something edgy, summery yet fashionable, and so this gorgeous flowery blazer had to be mine for the occasion. It's a small master piece that hopefully will save many closet crises during the upcoming years. I paired it with my favorite Boy bag in black and red and had a easy hair due not for it to get too much.

The Chanel cocktail was lovely and the store is amazing, suited for the Scandinavian woman without the "too much" things but much more sober, fashionable with colours such as black, grey, silver, blue and red. I had a talk with the Chanel managers flewn in from Paris and they are fascinated by the style of us here in Stockholm. Very minimalistic yet with severe fashion feeling and most women are aware of their way of dressing and designers.
They also had a well thought after "ready to wear" section with some stunning jackets and garments. I can only imagine what a success this will be.

I stand between three different bags that I think off, let's see ...

After we had a cosy dinner and then I took my car back home since I was actually feeling so so and had to work the day after.

(blazer & trousers: Stella McCartney, shoes: Saint Laurent & bag: Chanel boy bag)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lovely wednesday


Sometimes my Wednesday's off are great, other times they are just full of "musts" that I need to do and it feels like I'm working more then ever. This morning I was cleaning out my closet again, something I need to do frequently as you might have noticed not to feel like a horder and I hate having things at home that I don't use anymore, it makes me feel dirty. That took a good three hours. After I meet up my lovely little sister for a lunch and we had two hours of wonderful conversations before it was time to rush back to Alexis school for pick up and after his little brother.
We've been playing footbol in the garden and I read some books for them in the terrace sofa before now, when it's time for cooking and all of the everyday tasks.
I've decided what to wear for tomorrows Chanel opening cocktail and it's going to be something great, in my style sense anyhow.

Talk soon and have a great evening!

(sweater:Alexander McQueen, lace skirt: Prada, bag: Celine, shades: Prada & shoes: Saint Laurent)

Stina's Vintage Store

Some truly amazing items that will soon be another lucky woman! 

Click yourself to HERE and remember, it's always first comes first served! 

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016



So we realize, many of our friends and us, that we've actually come to the point where not all the time as a parent is any longer to run after children, preventing them to do all kinds of stupid, fun, naughty things kids do, not to mention prevent them to hurt themselves or run straight out in a car road etc. Now, we can actually sit down, talk a little (with 100 times of interruption) but anyhow, it's better then it use to be. So we decided, some of my dearest friends with children, to see each other every second week and a all time super easy going matter. No complicated dinner or cooking since most of us do work also, just lovely gathering with nice but super simple food and maybe some wine or beer depending on who's driving. The kids and especially us mums loves it!

As you can see my friends loves to fool around as soon as the camera comes up, I've known them since I was a teenager so you gotta love them anyhow!

Monday, May 16, 2016

With a ...

// ... TWIST//

So summer was last week with 25° at most, at now we're back to a typical spring. But we should not complain, as long as it doesn't rain as it sure did this morning. I've fallen in love again with this bag that I bought some month back, maybe it did not click so much since it was dark and snow, the typical thing when you buy more springish things in the middle of the cold up north, but I really love it and it's one of my mans favorite bags on me. He find it utterly cute and chic.With this striped cashmere coat from Salvatore Ferragamo, it really stands out.
Hope you all have a great week, Chanel opening party, family fun with friends and a the grand opening of a new hotel in the town with dress code "elegant" is coming up. Can be fun!

Talk soon!

Monday, May 9, 2016



Never a dull moment with these two energetic mad men around

Moments captured from last week.

Sunday, May 8, 2016



So this Saturday I did my Pilates, Alexis was suppose to have French lessons but it was cancelled so the kids played in fun park with their babysitter and after, I took the kids and fetch my little sister Lissie and we drove out to our families country house in the Swedish archipelago and enjoyed a full day of lunch, ice cream in the sun and a late BBQ in the end out in the garden, warm and lovely. Can one ask for more?