Monday, June 27, 2016

Ocean energy

// TIRED //

Super fun and intensive days, Alexis was up with all grown ups and loved watching us all dance and having fun, his eyes were so big and fascinated. The day after Midsummer we ate a lovely lunch in a restaurant in the archipelago and after had a BBQ back at the house.


// BODVÀR //

So how wonderful did our friends Bodvár and Ann who has Bodvár of Sweden (delicious Rosé wine, sold everywhere in the Riviera, Sweden and USA etc) arrive for a short visit and delivering some of their great and elegant wine for us thirsty souls?
The kids are use to their father flying them regulary  up in the air with mini airplanes since that's his biggest hobby, but they've never been so close to a Helicopter and they were in heaven!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Midsummer celebration


Midsummer pole dancing with traditional Swedish folklore dressed leaders singing and dancing all of these songs every Swede is grown up with. The kids love it and it's really a lot of fun!

Midsummer Girls

// SWEDISH // 

This amazing Midsummer I was very proud to be in Sweden and enjoy about 28 degrees and pure sun with my amazing friends and family out in the archipelago. More pictures soon!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Stina's Vintage Store

So Dear readers, 

Since we're leaving to South of France I need to tell you that if you would like to purchase any of the beautiful things (some new things up) from Stina's Vintage Store I would ask you to do it very soon so I have time to send it before we leave!


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Friday means ...


This time with our friends from London. Every Friday is slightly chaos and getting home, cooking, setting a table, taking care of the kids and just making sure everything is prepared is always overwhelming, but the ends result when everyone arrives and having a great time makes it wort it.
Wearing this fabulous Marni top, old Zara pants and Valentino heels!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

garden party

// CRAZY FUN // 

So we had planned this Garden Party at our house one late, tipsy night like a month ago, when us all gathered at a restaurant in town, having dinner, wine and cocktails and thinking a party for 12 grown ups and 13 kids would be the time of our life.
So said and done, M and me ordered six kilo amazing meat from a butcher around and I marinated it with my fathers recipes for two days which made it taste delicious. We would have everyone sleeping over so I was also fixing the house, guestroom etc etc for them all. We put up two tables on our terrace, bought tons of flowers and bought a lot of bubble, beer, red and white wine and strong alcohol.

I mean it was just SOOOO much fun and so perfect, we had our nanny looking after most of the kids even if all of us parents were of course also constantly running around and checking on them.

We started at 4pm and partied and danced like no tomorrow until 00.30am where everyone was in bed, the party was over, the kids where finally sleeping, some had taken a taxi back home. Our swiss/parisian couple just looked at us (they have no children) and said "Aha, this is how parents party! They meet up early, do it hard and intensive and then everyone is asleep by midnight since you all have to take care of the kids in the morning ...!!!" And yes, that is pretty much the truth.
We had tons of food and beverages left since everyone was too occupied just enjoying ...  The only one bottle of Rum was used, the rest not even opened. But better with too much then the opposite! 
I had so much fun and really, had pain in my jaws from laughing constantly. Everyone seemed happy and I thank everyone who came! Love you guys!

(and yes, we sometimes party smoke, we are humans and live as each of us want, right, so please no comments on that ...)